Once upon a time, in the year 1935, the Wikiliya Tea Estate was founded in Depalamulla, Balangoda, by the British Colonial Planter; Mr. Alexander.

The story precedes to say that he was part of a Scottish Company ‘Anglo-American Direct Tea Trading’ that commenced operations in the year 1930, along with ‘James Finlay & Company Limited’. With his profound love for the industry, and passion for creating a brand of tea that would be so exquisite in flavour, and unique in its character, Alexander introduced to the world the ‘Wikiliya Teas’ that were especially in demand in the European market.

Why Balangoda?

Archaeology has it that a species of anatomically modern Homo sapiens, possibly the earliest dated record of modern humans in the whole of South Asia, resided in the Balangoda area. They are aptly named the ‘Balangoda Man’. Perhaps the geographic location of Balangoda; comfortably situated between the wet and dry zones, and reaping the benefits of the breeze that sweeps over from both the Uva and Bogawantalawa hills, made it conducive for an early human habitation to thrive in Balangoda. These very same geographical conditions and climate give Wikiliya Teas their distinctive full bodied flavour. Just as Balangoda historically nurtured human settlements, in the current context, the Wikiliya Plantations strives to uplift, care for and sustain the local area communities.

Unfortunately though, decades later, owing to climactic changes that affected the crops, the factory had to close down, causing the redundancy of many employees. However, in the year 2010, Mr Ranjan Walpola, the current Managing Director of Wikiliya Plantations, resumed its operations, emphatically to sustain the livelihoods of the many local community habitants, whose sole hope was the plantation. With it began the movement to not just enhance the profitability and manufacturing capacity of the factory, but to also enhance the quality of life of the estate community, through infrastructure and road development, building of schools, hospitals, staff housing, crèches, and temples.

Since then, the Company has, restored the brand back to its pristine glory days and continues to nurture the local area tea workers, and farmers whose livelihood depend on the industry. Today, the factory sustains over 15,000 tea farmer families and 1000 employees to whom it strives to be a beacon of hope and strength for an empowered future.

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The Company’s anthem speaks about people who become gods among men, through their selfless acts of kindness and compassion. These ‘gods’ are a blessing to humanity; veering those gone astray towards the righteous path, and drying the tears of those who weep. They adorn the future with a hopeful smile.

The Wikiliya Plantations ventures to emulate just this: to provide little saving graces in the everyday lives of its farmers and employees. By Fostering goodwill through its motivational culture and conducive working conditions that are employee-centric, Wikiliya takes the first step towards steering its workers in the righteous path.

The Vision

To drive the human race towards contentment

The Mission

Our passion is to produce premium quality tea through optimum productivity and profitability. To promote sustainability, create an exclusive employee-centric culture and use our trade to spearhead the human race towards economic and spiritual contentment.

The philosophy of Wikiliya is reflected in the whole of its community: be it the factory employees who are quick to greet anyone with an ‘Ayubowan’ smile, and in their positive attitude towards efficient team work; in the meticulousness of bungalow care takers who spring about their duties; in the benevolence of the Company that hosts many events for the community, such as the annual ‘pirith’, or events for ‘Avurudhu, and in the auditorium built for the residents to hold their recreational workshops. Even the improved lifestyles of the community, with their positive approach towards family life and children, their willingness to work, save and progress; the awareness created amongst tea farmers about increasing yield, proper methods of plucking, and maintaining their estates so that crops could continue to flourish, are a testament to Wikiliya’s philosophy of altruism and sustainability.

The Company’s values and beliefs revolve around evoking Loving kindness, Compassion, Joy in the success of others, Equanimity, emphasis on Health and Contentment, Trustworthiness, and finally to position Nibbana as the utmost happiness. As much as Wikiliya strives to evoke these values amidst its employees and small holders, it also pledges to execute its organizational functions in a manner that mirrors these beliefs.

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