The ‘Heart’ behind Wikiliya

The Managing Director of Wikiliya Plantations - Ranjan Walpola’s achievements span twenty five passion driven years of working in all the planting districts of Sri Lanka

This has bestowed to him an intricate knowledge and experience in the tea trade; beginning from the nursery, through the processing, right until the serving of the finest cup of Ceylon teas, Ranjan has acquired a unique set of skills that has equipped him to maintain thousands of acres of tea plantations and run five factories with over a thousand employees.

His passion and belief in the great traditions of tea have lead him to maintain the heritage of the colonial factories, while harmoniously using cutting edge technology to produce high quality tea. It is noteworthy that Ranjan is a pioneer in introducing international quality standards to tea manufacturing in Sri Lanka, thus ensuring each cuppa of Wikiliya tea is a delectable treat to the world.

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