Tea Farmers

The Wikiliya Plantations supports the livelihood of approximately 15,000 tea farmer families in the area of Balangoda.

Every single garden, from which the leaves are sourced, is treated as part of the larger Wikiliya community. Having eliminated the presence of a middle-man, Wikiliya not only provides the best possible price for their produce, but also ensures that the farmers directly enjoy the profits of the Company.

In addition, Wikiliya also provides training and support, and advisory programmes to maintain these tea gardens, in a manner that the produce yielded is the best the area has to offer. The Company educates these farmers about best agricultural practices that would improve their crop, and also monitors the quality and standard of individual garden leaves which lead to maximum profitability.

The Plantation also rewards scholarships to children of farmer families; has established a welfare society for their benefit; and has installed a funeral fund , and other such funds for the wellbeing of its farmer community. Occasional health camps for these farmers, and donations towards rural school development, sporting and social activities have always been part of Wikiliya’s agenda. In contributing towards the spiritual wellbeing of its farmers, the Plantation hosts ‘bodhi poojas’, meditation sessions and ‘dhamma dheshana’ on Poya days. Supporting the same cause, Wikiliya also donates towards the building of temples, kovils, churches, and mosques alike in the area; both towards raw material purchases and alms.

It even attends to road, infrastructure and utilitarian facility development in the Balangoda area. The New Hopewell ‘Vidyalaya and Usbim Janapada Temple Denagama’ is one such shrine room erected for the schools and temples in the vicinity, alongside the erection of a bus halt for convenience. Furthermore, just as it is for its employees, there is also a housing loan grant scheme in place for the farmers, that would aid them secure a roof about their heads. Thus, Wikiiya’s philanthropy extends beyond the community of its employees, and reaches to enrich the lives of its many farming families too.
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