The wikiliya estate

Right from the entrance, the pleasant aroma of tea wafts around the area; the fragrance is soothingly delicious to the senses, and irrefutably beckoning. Inside the factory, tea manufacturing is not a job, it is a lifestyle.

The Wikiliya factory is located on the top of a hill, bordering mid grown and low grown elevations, and is snugly situated between the dry and wet zones, which makes it continuously susceptible to variable weather conditions. It is so unique, that the natural breeze blows from both the UVA and Bogawantalawa hills across the area, giving Wikiliya tea its full bodied flavour and characteristic. Just a stone's throw away from the factory, and preserving all of its old world charm, the Wikiliya bungalow stands in all its warmth, a welcome sight to visitors.
From the hill on which the bungalow stands, the vast rubber plantation rolls down, occasionally lit up by a bright red Flame tree, or an Ehela tree bearing cascading yellow bunches of flowers. The black embellished crisp white walls, complimented by the red polished floors, and the kitschy veranda furniture akin to gnarled tree roots are just the beginning; the interior is complete with a cosy fireplace, white panelled ceiling and large plush bedrooms.

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Our Products

Wikiliya Product Range

Lifestyle Liquors, Fruitea Fiesta, Heartea Herbals, Classic Collection, and Wiki Gifts

Wikiliya specializes in bringing to you the best of Teas, be it irresistibly malty Black Teas, antioxidants packed refreshing Green Teas or a variety of other premium quality products. Our range consists of Lifestyle Liquors, Fruitea Fiesta, Heartea Herbals, Classic Collection, and Wiki Gifts. Respectively, these brews are made of authentic Sri Lankan herbs and ingredients that are sure to soothe your Mind, Body and Soul; are combined with decadently exotic fruity flavours; are infused with superior quality herbs; are picked from the beautifully versatile landscape regions of Sri Lanka; and make excellent gifts of exquisite Teas.

The wikiliya Story

The History

Once upon a time, in the year 1935, the Wikiliya Tea Estate was founded in Depalamulla, Balangoda, by the British Colonial Planter; Mr. Alexander.

The story precedes to say that he was part of a Scottish Company 'Anglo-American Direct Tea Trading' that commenced operations in the year 1930, along with 'James Finlay & Company Limited'. With his profound love for the industry, and passion for creating a brand of tea that would be so exquisite in flavour, and unique in its character, Alexander introduced to the world the 'Wikiliya Teas' that were especially in demand in the European market.

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The People

Factory Employees

Each day in the life of the employees of the factory, begins with motivational activities that boosts their morale, and invigorates both their bodies and souls.

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Tea Farmers

The Wikiliya Plantations supports the livelihood of approximately 15,000 tea farmer families in the area of Balangoda.

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